Posted on Dec 2, 2020

Mount Kenya Climbing Expeditions

How difficult is it to Climb Mount Kenya?
The hike itself is not a difficulty at all, except on the summit day. Mount Kenya hiking is completed even in the average condition usually have to expect 4-6 hours of hiking a day while you are almost on a well-trodden path -

The peak day hiking will be a bit more difficult above 4500 meters. There will be rocky sections, steeper slopes, good movement coordination is crucial, especially if someone wants to undertake the peak circuit tour. However, compared to the Kilimanjaro tour, Mount Kenya trekking is a real “experience tour” the summit day is much easier to complete. Even on the tough peak day, it is not the struggle but the enjoyment of the landscape and the magnificent view that dominates. Of course, we also have to be strong here, as we cling to almost five thousand meters.

Our accommodation will be in two-person tents on the Mount Kenya climb, so we sleep and wake up close to nature every day. Porters carry most of our equipment, and you only hike with a small backpack containing the necessary equipment for the day. So a good fitness and hiking experience comes in handy, but a positive mental attitude, perseverance, and flexibility are just as important!

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